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Our Engineering Services

Conceptual Engineering

Our team focuses on functional requirements, systematic engineering, preliminary studies and decision quality process during feasibility study by studying all project stakeholder perspectives and reviewing economic return


Our FEED solutions provide certainty of delivery and a high level of reliability. Our cost estimates are based on legacy and market data from our construction and installation experience as well as from procurement and vendor network. Our designs reflect proven construction and installation practices to ensure reliable, efficient, quality project delivery, lower costs, and faster FEEDs

Detail Design

We are experts at carrying out detailed engineering design, modeling and analysis required for any installation methodology. We work closely with engineers across our marine and fabrication team, as well as specialist contractors, to enable full implementation.

Installation Engineering

We draw on several years of experience & knowledge of constructability and best practices across multiple-disciplined design team.

Suppy Chain Management


Workam delivers proven procurement strategies and solutions to substantially reduce supply chain costs and deliver quality materials that meet client’s specific requirements on schedule. Our team has deep experience and understanding of local and international sourcing market and supply chain management.

Global Strategic Sourcing

Through rich networks and global alliances, our team of qualified buyers are able to source any material required by our clients from the right and trusted vendors. We carefully select vendors and suppliers who share our passion for excellence and add value to our projects with a joint focus on quality, schedule and best price.

Global Inspection and Expediting Services

Our inspectors and expeditors work closely with suppliers to verify equipment and materials conform to clients’ specifications and quality standards. Our Inspection Services team ensures quality with effective inspection, task planning, efficient testing and reporting methods. We organize, plan, execute, control and verify the quality of the work in accordance with clients requirements while continuously taking action to identify, report, correct and prevent nonconformity.


At Workam, our mathematical skills enable us to plan and manage logistics, warehouse, transportation, coordinate full order cycle, track many items across our organization. We maintain metrics and analyze data to assess performance and implement improvement, comply with laws, regulations and ISO requirement, clear the goods at the sea ports and land borders.


Oil and Gas

Our construction services include oil and gas production facilities, pipelines, liquefied petroleum gas tanks, refineries, liquefaction plants. whether offshore or onshore, we maintain high standard of safety

Fabrication & Galvanization

we fabricate oil and gas industries equipment through our international partners. Oil and gas original equipment manufacturers(OEMs) are aware that working with the right fabrication partner is essential for producing quality products.

Facility Management

In our facility management, we provide infrastructure management, project management, building services, installation and maintenance, we also provide technical solutions to companies which include servicing, repairing and maintaining generators, air-conditioners, plumbing work, treat roof leakage and other equipment in the facilities. We carry out energy audit in residential, commercial and industrial building facilities and minimize the cost of your energy consumption.


We carry out marine procurement like (vessel, parts and equipment) and servicing (consulting, personnel management, vessel catering services etcetera. Towage anchoring and handling; offshore positioning and installation, FPSO support(support of offshore terminals and FPSOs), provision of offshore support and installation vessels, assistance, salvage and pollution remediation, logistics supplies and support to offshore rigs and mining vessels

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